Finalised or Non-finalised

How could i verify a disc (CD/DVD) that it is finalised or not? What kind of software should i use? I have Nero6 and DVDinfoPro installed in my PC (XP Pro SP2) but I don’t have a clue HOW and WHERE do they display the status of a disc on finalization. Nothing shows in DiscInfo. Thank you for your help.


use isobuster.
insert disc. start isobuster. when folder contents of disc have loaded,
rightclick on the cd or dvd icon/properties/advanced . . .

It works.

I have a dvd+r and a dvd+rw data disc both were burn with multisession, I can still add more files to the discs as the 2nd session but Isobuster reports they are both “Finalised”, why?

Thank you for your info!


The sessions are finalized, but the disc is not. I now, this is confusing :bigsmile:

So is there a way or software to show that the disc is not finalised?

Thank you!


as above - USE ISOBUSTER

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Could you please explain this, thank you:

I tested with a dvd+rw, i added 2 sessions each with a folder to the first one but it only shows a session with all 3 folders. I still can add more for “Continue Multisession disc” option is available in Nero. The disc should be “OPEN”.

Another question: Is it required to finalise a dvd+rw data disc with multisession for compatibility without loss the data in the previous session? How could i do that? I added files to the same dvd+rw disc with “No Multisession” then “Finalise the DVD” (DAO) is a default in Nero. I was warned the all other data in the disc will be erased.

Thank you!!


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