Finalise a multisession data dvd+rw

Is it required to finalise a dvd+rw data disc with multisession for compatibility?

I have a data dvd+rw with 4 sessions there is no way to close (finalise) the disc in Nero6. I added files to the it with “No Multisession” then “Finalise the DVD” (DAO) is default. I was warned the all other data in the disc will be erased.

How coould i finalise the multisession dvd_rw without loss the data in the previous sessions? Thank you!!


Just burn something to it and elect to finalise it.

Thank you!

I tried. I got a warning dialog saying that all the data in the previous burns will be erased. So I stopped to not risking the data in the previous sessions. Any further suggestion?


Copy this disc and try to finalise it. If you cannot do that, copy the contents to h/d and reburn with the ‘no multisession’ option.