Final year project on DVD/Blu-ray Piracy

I am just looking for some advice for this project for my final year at university whilst studying computer forensics. Basically it’s to create a program which can determine the difference between an original DVD and Blu-ray disc and an illegal copy. I would do this by looking at the DVD’s Anchor Volume Descriptor Pointer (AVDP). It would also find information on the disc and what burning software was used. I would write the program in Java as I know that better than C.

If anyone has any ideas as to how the above could branch out into other areas whether it be software or research related would be much appreciated. I’ve already got quite a few so its just encase theres anything I’ve missed which would be good to include.

Many thanks.

Is this even necessary? I understand what you are trying to do, but blank Blu-Ray discs cost more than the original movie. So I don’t see the point.