Final thoughts



I post this to BenQ drive and I thought it’s best to have it here too.

1620pro is very fast when overspeeding media, something my 4163B can do very good only with my That’s TY03 excellent media(at 12x) while 1620 pro goes up to 16x.
BUT I have seen some problems playing DVD copies from moviesto my desktop DVD(sony) when they’ve burned using 1620 pro and overspeed the media.Something that I have never noticed when I use my 4163B.
Some films were unplayble at the end of the disc and my Sony couldn’t read them.Only at my computer’s drives I could read them.
Finally I am thinking that my 4163B is better than my 1620 pro.
I am thinking of buying a 3540 instead and to give away this one.
With the patch I can rip movies a lot faster but if I can play them right, it doesn’t matter.


I agree :iagree: I have said it does some time in the benq forum but I think that nobody has listened to me…Overspeeding media, although has an excellent scan, can fail in a standalone. Another problem can be the time of life of those recordings, because when I burned overspeeding media with my Nec tweak FW, those burned they did not hold all a few months of utility life. Now I begin to experiment with the Lg4163b… in the beginning, I see excellent quality with very good speed :slight_smile: