Final thoughts



1620pro is very fast when overspeeding media, something my 4163B can do very good only with my That’s TY03 excellent media(at 12x) while 1620 pro goes up to 16x.
BUT I have seen some problems playing DVD copies from moviesto my desktop DVD(sony) when they’ve burned using 1620 pro and overspeed the media.Something that I have never noticed when I use my 4163B.
Some films were unplayble at the end of the disc and my Sony couldn’t read them.Only at my computer’s drives I could read them.
Finally I am thinking that my 4163B is better than my 1620 pro.
I am thinking of buying a 3540 instead and to give away this one.
With the patch I can rip movies a lot faster but if I can play them right, it doesn’t matter.


I am quickly coming to the conclusion (with every media I have tested so far) that the best and fastest results are definitely at the rated speed, or sometimes a bit slower.

Verbatim MCC003 Made in Taiwan: only good up to 8x speed. 12 speed reads back ok, but elevated error levels.

TDK CMC MAG E01: never had any luck burning them in the pioneer at > 8x, but burn excellently in the benq at 8x.

Fiji branded TYG02: sometimes, they burn great > 8x, but the drive ussually locks the speed at 8x for some reason.

Ritek G05: Never burnt well at 12 speed on the pioneer, and don’t even burn well at 8x much of the time.

TDK brand TDK 003: Burn ok at 16 speed, burn better at 12 speed.

Princo: Burn well at 4x, not brave enough to seriously overspeed this.

TDK TTG02: burns very nicely on the pioneer at 6x speed. Has PIF problems at higher speeds.

Of course, some people have media gods that give them excellent media that overspeeds well. I don’t unfortunately :frowning:


sverkalo where did you get TY T03?


Sorry it’s TY02 not 3.And comes from That’s.
Overspeeds at 16x to 1620pro and one of the few that really overspeeds at 12x to my 4163B.


If you decided to “give away” your 1620, please PM me. :wink:

I hear lots of good things about 4163, maybe I really should try it. I thought it’s strength is in -R? I’m a +R guy.


Or -RAM where the only competition comes from Matsushita/Panasonic. :slight_smile:

Since sverkalo is in Greece, even the “giving away” could cost a lot. (For that matter, Dell 20-inch and HP 23-inch LCD monitors shipped via USPS to South Korea still would cost much less than the same kind of monitors based on LG and Samsung panels. The shipping fee alone from US$150 to US$200 or more.)


zevia: I bought LG 4163 today. =) Now it’s your turn =P


Kenshin: How much is the Dell 20" LCD in SK?

Quikee: LOL. 4163 first, or 3500? :wink:
Getting hard to find 3500 but I can see 3-5 stores selling for around $70. Just wanted to see what people saying about 3500. Don’t know if this left-over 3500 is really new…


ahh… forget about the slow 3500… =) Just burned a MCC03RG20 in 5:20… I will try to my Philips now to see which one is better in quality with this discs. =) The scan made with LG is in LG forum.


Nah… LG is only 10 seconds faster then BenQ/Philips and 20 seconds faster then NEC 3500.
Not a big deal. :wink:

MCC 03RG20 16x burn on NEC 3500

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Traitor! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe… still… LG and BenQ can burn MCC03RG20 not only faster and also without POF. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe… :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, after I saw pinto2’s scan on 3500 with POF, I ordered 4163 @zipzoomfly:stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe he did this on purpose so you order a LG 4163… and then when you get it you’ll be as disapointed as chas0039 was with his BenQ 1620. :stuck_out_tongue:
BTW. do you know that LG 4163 writes YUDEN000T02 at 12x max only ? :stuck_out_tongue:


I can still cancel the order if pinto2 post a new scan in a few hours. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW. do you know that LG 4163 writes YUDEN000T02 at 12x max only ? :stuck_out_tongue:
Hah? Really? lol, just kidding… This post shows that I’ve been eyeing on LG4163 for quite a while, so yes I know. :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh… with purpose or intentionally, I just posted the worse scan. This only to prove not even my BenQ 1620 is trustworthy every time… :stuck_out_tongue:
One of the other NEC 3500 scans.

zevia, do as you like, I for sure will not buy the LG-4163. :bigsmile: More likely yet an other BenQ or NEC.


Mine is retired :wink: I hope it will speed up NEC process, :bigsmile:


You didn’t post a transfer rate scan… maybe BenQ was right. =P Also discs served cold usually scan better then served hot. =)


So LG drive can do Qscan or similar thing BEFORE the burn :confused:
No ? :bigsmile: Well I will keep my BenQ with official bitsetting, QScan, PI/PIF/jitter scan and numerous firmware update, so…
Got no DVD-RAM in mind.


Never noticed that… :stuck_out_tongue:
I did rescan as soon as I got POF´s.

No, the LG´s can’t. (Qscan is not that trustworthy at all.)
Edit. I see Quikee just posted.

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For “unbeliever” Quikee only. :bigsmile:
Edit. BTW, can’t see any tranfer test of your LG burn.


ItalianJob: No. And ? Like qscan is very reliable. =P
pinto2: Transfer rate at 16x. =P