Final specs for 8x DVD+R DL expected to be ready in April

I just posted the article Final specs for 8x DVD+R DL expected to be ready in April.

writers supporting 8x DVD+R DL write speed have already been announced by some
manufacturers such as
NEC but the specifications for this speed are not final yet. According to

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Now I’m just wondering how many manufacturers of DVD burners are going to bring only a firmware updat for their models that they’re selling right now to support 8x DVD+R DL burning… My guess is that only Plextor has the balls to do that.

Is there a chance that Lite-On 1633s will ever support 8x DVD+R DL burning? Would a firmware update be enough to accomplish this?
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For me I am fed up of DVD drives coming out that don’t do what they say all the 16x DVD drives don’t actually burn at 16x, only a small part of the disk at the end, I really don’t know how manufactures gat away with falls advertising all the time?:(:frowning:

Euh, this has been the same for CD’s?? There’s no CD-writer that will burn a CD at 48x from the beginning’. They’re limited to physical limits.

Bah, who gives a damn about DVD+R/-R DL ? For one thing, the price of DL media is STILL overpriced and always will be since the manufacturing process for such media is difficult and the yields are poor. Looks like 25GB Blu-Ray will be the way to go for larger, more reliable data storage and not DVD+R/-R DL.

It will be interesting to see if Plextor will be the one with the balls as Hijglander says. I once bought a DVD recorder from Plextor and they never increased the speed via firmware update. I mean the 708A, it keeps its x4 speed for DVD-R even considering that it could record x8 in DVD+R using some x4 media. At the time they started selling it there wa no x8 +R media in the market yet, and this was an attractive facility… the only one, as for the others everithing stays as from the beginning. This is not a balls’ matter…but a $$$$$$$$$$$ problem, I guess!

And, I tend to agree with BitRate, if everything stays like it is, DL prices do not make the media to be an attractive option. Too expensive and difficult to find, but lets see the price levels of the coming new stuff…

I look forward to DL. BlueRay will be much more expensive $1000 for the drive and $25 a disc, and that’s next year. DL is only expensive when compared to SL media, $3 a disc isn’t really expensive. However I will wait till they hit $1 before I use them consistently. I would pay $2 if they had a protective layer (MAXPRO Hardcoat, DURABIS), LightStripe, and archival quality.

[B] I am still waiting for the new LG Writer which HAS TO Support DL @ 8x. Since NEC already announced this very important feature i cant wait to see a successor of the 4163B. [/B]

If it’s true that 8x +DL will require approx. 15min then I will stick to 6x ±DL which requires approx. 16min. LOL

add: Pioneer DVR-109 (6X) 16:29

I bet the movie studios are happy DL media is so expensive :slight_smile: