FINAL SETUP. .links to everything needed to FLASH/BACKUP/and BURN XBOX 360 games



Okay so as I am sure a few of you know that I have been putting in an assload of research into backing up 360 games and flashing my firmware (thanks for your patience). . .and I now have in my posession or am waiting on othe delivery of my final products; and I just have some final questions about the setup and other minor details. . .so for everyone that has been helping me and continues too. . .thank you here goes.

(lots of good links in this)

  1. Here is my entire setup. . .

    a) PIONEER 111D DRIVE - Purchased HERE (prompt delivery and packaging)

    b) SAMSUNG PRE FLASHED with KREON FIRMWARE - Purchased from XBOXMAN right here at X-BOX SCENE for $68.00 (have not yet received but will give an update on service when I do)

    c) XBOX USB ADAPTER - CONNECTIVITY KIT - UNLOCK KIT and even the SCREWDRIVER right HERE for the best price I could find anywhere. . .$50.00

    d) TWO PLUMAX EXTERNAL ENCLOSURES HERE in order too hook up the SAMSUNG and also the PIONEER externally by USB 2.0. $34.99 a piece


  2. Is this EVERYTHING that I “should” need in order to FLASH/BACKUP/and BURN my XBOX360??

  3. It states HERE in this complete tutorial that will need one of THESE . Where as lies my confusion. I do not have any clue as to why I would need one of THESE in order to complete my setup. In fact I have never even read elsewhere that I would and am hoping I can get a good explanation of what I might even need one for??

  4. I will of course be waiting on the BLASTER 360 unless I come to find that flashing the firmaware is a simpletons task and not one that requires alot of time!!

Thanks too all of those patient enough too help me and please leave some comments. . . .if you are thinking of backing up your 360 games check out the links I have included on here for I have been researching this for a few weeks and have found that all these products are the ones you want and I have included links to them. I would also like to thank the moderators for helping me out a bunch. As soon as I get word that I am set and ready; it’s burning time. . .I am specifically looking for an answer to Q: number three. . .still curious. . .have happy burning. . .soon I will!!