FINAL settings for new new securom (WC3) with Liteon Reader/Writer

i am [b]really[/b] sorry to all that i am bringing this up yet again, but please can someone post the exact read/write setting for CCD to backup new new securom games with a LITEON burner.

I would sort it out without making this post, but i dont have a new new securom game, and a very good friend of mine cant backup WC3 with his 24102B!

I have searched and read other threads but when someone says ‘ah i have done it with a 24102B’ etc., there has always been someone to say ‘it dont work’!!

Please can someone once and for all clear up the issue so i can tell my friend a decent answer to his question: ‘what settings do i use to backup WC3’

(btw, has anyone had success using CCD v.3 ???)

Tia (, and sorry again!!)

There is no profile that will work for certain with every 24102B using ccd Most people have been successful with a profile that on the read checks read data subs and regenerate data sectors with everthing else off whilst on the write either has everthing off or checks only “always close last session”. Regrettably though, this does not work for everyone.

However, before trying again, I suggest that your m8 upgrade to ccd I tried it last night (oz time) and was able to get a working back-up with the standard game cd profile without any modification which was not possible for me with ccd


the things I know are : WarCraft 3 is protected with
Securerom ( Old / New ) and that LiteOn drives some/all
have a bug with CloneCd when reading the
Subcodes. So if you read your disk with the the LiteOn
drive and CCD it is possible to get errors in the
Subcodes, so the copy doesn´t work !
I have red my disk with my Toshiba SD-M1402 at full speed
and with Read Subchannle for Data and Audio, after that
I burned it back with the Securerom profile only
checked Always Close Last Session.

Thats all the games runs even in my Thoshiba and in my LiteON
I think the only prob is that you need a reader that´s reads
the subcodes 100% correct.

hope this will help you :wink: