Final Post

I went on an extended rant awhile back regarding the routine disquailification of all rebates sent in to so that they only had to deal with the persistent “customers” that took the time to protest loudly. The deal that got me started was a $10/25 spindle of Verbatim 16X +R blanks from, followed by a PNY video card $30 rebate, all 4 of which were turned down for total bullshit reasons, like wrong UPC, missing documents, what have you.

To finish the tirade, I just last week received the final of the 4 rebates (8 weeks later) only because I took the time to raise some serious hell with a “supervisor” named Luis in the Miami office.

I also took up the plea with and even the promotion manager at Verbatim corporate, all of which fell on some very deaf ears, lots of promises of action and calls back, not a single reply from anybody.

So to conclude this saga, thanks for nothing,, and Verbatim. You’ve all shown me what you think of your customers. The whole bunch of you can go to hell.


Sorry to hear all your troubles. My Verbatim rebate from the Newegg DVD+R promotion was mailed to a Miami, FL address. It appears to be RebatesHQ as well. Now I’m worried. :sad:

that’s why i make copies of all the documents i sent. some of my rebates take a while before they mailed the check but i always get mine.

I’ve had a few problems with rebates hq, but usually resending and attaching a threatening letter about BBB and FTC, and attorney general, prompts a quick response from them. It seems to be hit and miss with them. If you think they are bad, google for soyo rebates! I had to threaten small claims court to get action from them, and I still haven’t seen the check (they claim it is in the mail.) My BBB is working the issue and watching it closely.