Final opinions before buying!

well im planning to buy the 832s retail if any difference, any objections to why i shouldn’t but it? From the reviews i read, the drives is pretty recent and fairly good. Few questions i wanna get clear.

  1. Can the drive read&burn other region discs?
  2. Is the installation for the drive much of a hassle?
  3. Is the newest firmware update good and much of a hassle to set up?
  4. Would the 832s be good for burning games, movies, etc.?
  5. could i support the drive even on a 250 watt power supply?

please…i need some last minute onpinions :frowning:

1/ Yes.
2/ No more of a hassle than any other optical device.
3/ Latest fw is good. LiteOn firmware updates are the easiest around.
4/ Best there is for games. Movies is okay.
5/ My 120 watt power supply works okay with it…