Final kong tests

Okay some progress now.

SL discs now useable on movie only. Some slight pulsing on some scenes probably due to compression of such a large file. It may be better this time as I was not connected to the net and turned Norton off. Much better than previous attempts.

DL discs - this time using Verbatim +R DL:
Still a freeze on the layer change point. Not as bad as my last attempt using some other brand disc (many freezes) one needs to search beyond the point with the remote control and then it’s fine - but still an undesireable nuisance. Freeze occurs using either Fab Express OR Anydvd with CloneDVD2.
Many of you have reported that the latter should be perfect.

It isn’t.

I have been recommended DVD decrypter to put on the hard drive and Imgburn to burn the dvd.

DVD decrypter is now shut down (I understand) and so tried using fab express to put king kong to the hard drive. When I tried to get Imgburn to burn it it said - “we do pictures only no videos here”. Then I couldn’t even get fab express to get the file onto a disc the folder that I thought it stored it at was full of little vob files & things and I’ve no clue what to do with that sort of stuff. I need it to be really easy like FabExpress and CloneDVD2 are.

I’m working on a strategy to get DVD decrypter but I may ask your assistance to use it, I fear the process may be full of technospeak that’s beyond me. When you start talking about things like Codecs I get all confused.


Read this

Anydvd with CloneDVD2.
Many of you have reported that the latter should be perfect.

That’s AnyDVD with Clone[B]CD[/B] not CloneDVD and Verbatim +R DL media. Give that combination a test try.

One of the better freeware packages to come along can be found here: It integrates DVDDecrypter, fixvts to clean up garbage, shrink (if you want to compress), and ImgBurn to burn. About 3 to 5 mouse clicks and you are done, Vitrually 99.9% success. Links enable you to download everything you need.

Kindest Regards