Final guilty plea in federal warez case

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The last defendant from the “Operation Higher Education” and “Operation Safehaven” anti-warez cases has pleased guilty in the U.S. District Court of Connecticut.
Greg Hurley, an…

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Glad to see these nuts have been caught and prosecuted. I’m also happy to see they won’t be given lengthy prison sentences, and will instead get probation for their crimes.

Interesting to see how involved the U.S. government has become when dealing with organized piracy rings operating within the United States.

What makes the casual torrent downloader of copy written material any different than this person? The bottom line is acquiring and using copywritten material in this manner IS illegal and no matter how one justifies it, it’s wrong. The amount downloaded, whether money as a profit is made or not, matters not. These like all other excuses or views are simply justifications some use to make the “illegal, legal”. Doesn’t make sense, never will. Well not until the law which makes it illegal is abolished.

@robert I agree with you in the fact with that its wrong. But in this case, I see it as the old saying of “two wrongs don’t make a right”, except in many peoples eyes, they do.

When dealing with movies, the first wrong is the fact Hollywood keeps trying to nickel and dime everyone. They do this by releasing movies on dvds, then re-releasing, then re-re-releasing them…etc. THEN, after you spend all your hard earned money on all these dvds, they say this: Hey, guess what…we’ve got a new format for you to RE-BUY all your same old movies over again.

So people probably say, why spend all this money, when I can pirate it all, and say screw you to the Movie Studios…

This next part is off topic…but…looking forward, one would wonder why buy movies in Blu-ray, when in 10 years, another new movie format will probably be out. This is why Streaming media is the future. (where you pay a monthly fee to access whatever you want, whenever you want) It is the future because you don’t have to buy movies individually, and when they decide to up the quality, you get that upgrade for free.

Music Industry: Reasons for pirating music is waaay toooo easy to justify…lol. Before Napster, the music companies ripped off consumers by charging over $20 per cd. Now, no one has sympathy for them. Not only were they screwing over the consumer, now, I believe, they are STILL super-screwing over the artists themselves. You know all that money they get from lawsuits, NOT ONE artist has seen a dime from any of that money they got.