Final Fantasy VIII



Hello Pals,

Can anyone tell me how to copy Final Fantasy VIII Dutch-PAL???

I know I have to use a patch to remove the MOD-protection, but which patch?
I’ve tried several, but none of them worked…

I made CDRWin images on my HDD which is getting pretty full now…



Burn, baby, burn!


yes i’ve got a crack for final fatasy 8 mail me and i sent them to you


Thanks for willing to help me.

Your email doesn’t seem to work…
Check your ICQ mail.



It didn’t work for me…
I’m using CDRWin 3.7e, is it possible that I’m doing something wrong?
Or is the patch just not for the Dutch version???


Burn, baby, burn!


it did work form me but you kan look al this site for more cracks at this site:
maybe you can find it here!!!

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