Final Fantasy Advent Children Movie

Has anybody experienced any problems with this DVD? Just wondering if it’s just here in SA that we are struggling or if someone has managed to make a backup copy yet?

Sorry if this is unappropriate, I am still new here.

What software are you using (incl. version number) and what error messages do you get?

Where is SA? The R1 has standard protection which DVD Decrypter can read on its own. The R2 however has Arcoss and needs something else such as DVDFAB Decrypter, RipIt4Me or Pgcedit Arcoss plugin.

I ran DVD Fab Decrypter ( on an iso of the movie (region 1) and then attempted DVD Shrink (3.2) but still receive an error that the movie is too large, anyone worked around this?

AnyDVD & CloneDVD2: No problem (R2, UK)

ditto for R1, US

Mount your ISO and run it through FixVTS. I’m willing to bet that’ll take care of the movie is too large error. Personally, if I didn’t have AnyDVD I’d just use RipIt4Me as it’s an excellent front end to DVD Decrypter. It will take care of creating a PSL file, ripping it, running it through FixVTS, and opening Shrink for you.

If the ISO is mounted, won’t it be read only? FixVTS won’t be able to change anything.

Set it to output the files somewhere else and process the whole disc. Or just extract the files from the ISO to a folder and run it against that…whatever. The point is, the files need to have the FixVTS process run against it in order for DVD Shrink not to complain.