Final Fantasy 8 for a special price!



We now have Final Fantasy 8 for you people’s out there, this is a hell of a game. This game is 5 cd’s and we have a special price for you people. Usually you would pay:

F 55,-
DM: 50,-
US: 26,-
(All with shippingcosts EXCLUDED)

For this good game we have these special prices for you:
F 50,-
DM 45,-
US 25,-
(And these prices are all with shipping costs INCLUDED!)

Your Retarded Warez Cd’s Crew !
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Get retarded at:
For all your Warez Cd’s !


WAT !!! 50 GULDEN !!!

Is it on Silver, heheheee…

For you cheapest software, ¡ The Warez Crew !

Voor Al Uw Cd’s !


EeJ ‘warezcrew’ (damn what an original name);

I think that DFL 50,- incl. shipping is a good price for a 5-cd game … cuz you (dealer) don’t only have to pay for the empty cdr’s, but also for an (anonymous) postbus, cd writer etc … I don’t know who you are, guess you use your home address / bank account for money transfers , and burner from ya’r dad or something?!