Final Fantasy 8 Copying PC



Can somebody help me ?
I looked up the protection of Final fantasy 8 on
This is the result:
Backup Instructions for all CD’s:
Start Nero - Burning Rom ( or higher).
From the action-bar choose File and select CD-Copy.
Use the following settings (all other settings should be left default):
Image Tab
Image file Enter a Image filename
Copy options Tab
On the fly DeSelect
Drive with source CD… Select Source CD-Reader
Read Speed 1x (150 kB/s)
Read options Tab
Number of retries before read error 10
Read media catalog number and ISCR Select
Ignore illegal TOC Type Select
Unreadable data Continue copying
Data mode 1 - Force raw reading

  • If it can be changed or it is not ghosted Select
    Data mode 1 - On errors… write uncorrected
    Data mode 2 - Force raw reading Select
    Data mode 2 - On errors… write uncorrected
    Read audio data with sub channel Select
    Use Jitter correction Select (for older Readers)
    Ignore read errors Select
    Burn Tab
    Write Speed 1x (150 KB/s)

When ready click Copy CD to start the copy process.
NOTE: FF8 Disk#1 is oversized (672 MB) and Disk#3 is a Mixed-Mode CD with 1 Audio Track.

What does it mean that disc 3 is Mixed-Mode CD ? I have a Hp 7510 writer. Can it copy according to these settings ?
And what is a coaster ?




It means you can copy all the cd-roms.
They are not copy protected.

A cd-rom is 80min and one has an audio track at the end. So you can copy it with all the Recorders. (DATA+Audio not Audio+Data).

When you fail to copy a CD-ROM and it becomes unusable, it is friendly called “Coaster”.