Final Destination 3

Having problem cloning this.

When I hit play, it goes to FBI warnings and then back to the main menu.

Does anyone have similar problems??

No i use dvd clone at the same time as any dvd and it works. I am having problems copying anything from sony, the come out with director commenatry and i cant get rid of them. Do you know anything about this?

So, you were able to backup Final Destination 3 and play without problems??

did’nt have any prob with this.used just shrink(its unupdated for the last 2 yrs!!)
and removed the movie,don see why anyone is having a problem with this??

I used anyDVD with cloneCD and Verbatim DL +R media. My backup of Final Destination 3, Region 1, plays perfectly.

There seems to be problems with Final Destination 3 (Region 1). Whether you encounter them depends on what and how you are backing up the movie.

In a movie only rip, selecting just the main theatrical version (title 1), no problem.

If you rip the whole dvd, CloneDVD with/AnyDVD throws a warning message:

“Warning: input video or audio data is partially corrupted.”

When you play the movie directly from the original DVD and play the theatrical version you won’t see any problems. If you select the version that lets you to select different scenes, you will have problems. Take the “tails” path from the coin toss at 11:10, jump to the the end of that section (title3), then try selecting “yes” or “no”. This does not work. There are other similar quirks that lead me to think the IFOs have programming errors in the sections that deal with the angles and navigation.

windtrader -

You are using a version of CloneDVD that is 3 revisions out of date and many months old.

Recommend that you visit SlySoft ( and get the most up to date version (CloneDVD v2.8.9.9) available. This might help you with your problem.


If you enabled “Jum,p to title / main menu”, try to switch it off.

I was able to back this up with the latest clonedvd and anydvd 6031. I selected movie with all the extras. It played with no problems on my dvd player(liteon). The only time you may have a problem is if you get a disk that is mastered or manufactured improperly and the way to get around that is to return it for a different dvd .

With the current AnyDVD & CloneDVD Final Destination 3 Backed up fine. Update your programs and it should work for you. I have not been able to back up ATL, She’s The Man, Tsotsi, Edison Force, Cello and Awesome, I Shot That. Anyone out there had any luck with those movies?

FD3 Region 1 rips and plays all menu items fine for me using anydvd (latest) and decrypter. From what I have seen with accross protection is certain dvd burners have issue ripping these titles.

I have had problems with my nec drives ripping these without a error message poping up in anydvd, my plex/benq/lg/liteon drives rip them fine. I am not saying this is your error but believe it or not the drive your ripping from does make a difference.

using AD + clone CD to a DL disk
had no problems

@BeLooken - thx for the heads up on the CloneDVD version.

@Ampplayshere - I did movie only back ups of Tsosti She’s the Man without problems, even on back levels of CloneDVD.

Did more testing on the problems I had with FD3 and it seems to play fine now on the backup version. Tried to recreate the problem but unable to do so on the backup and now unable to test against the original DVD. Oh well. btw - did not update the software.

I had trouble cloning entire dvd but when I only copied the movie I was fine I really didn’t like how much the entire dvd compressed anyway so just the movie for me

I’m going to use a double layer on this one reading around on all the forums it seems this is the best way to go on this title.

@Dr. Who - going DL is clearly the safest way to get a full backup. I need to get a short stack of DL media so I can go this route on these more complicated DVDs. It woudl save a lot of time and hassle as well as ensure the backup is complete and fully functional.

I ended up using DVD Rebuilder and selected to copy the main movie and menus, no extras. This did a great job of re-encoding the main title as well as keeping the user selectable scenes intact and all the complicated navigation too.

I did disc copy with Nero and AnyDVD and got a fully functional copy but I get a angle icon on screen when watching original version

South Philly

I believe this is indeed your problem:

Try again but this time leave AnyDVDs Prohibited User Operations check-box unchecked when you make your backup.


my comp/drive wont even recognize a dvd is in the drive(empty). final dest. and v for vendetta… same thing. other dvd’s read, rip, and burn no prob. my drive is a brand new lg 4166b(w/lite scribe), and ive been using any-d(6043) and 1- click for over a year. not sure if its arccos, any-d, or my drive. :a anyone else on the same page? just wanted to throw this out there before i contact slysoft.
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