Final Destination 3

Here’s something new. For the upcoming 2-disc edition of New Line’s “Final Destination 3,” they have introduced a new “Choose Their Fate” option which allows you to pick and choose different story threads.

While the film is only 93 minutes long, it compressed at 49%, which leads me to believe even though I chose the “movie only” feature, it was still copying all of the extended scenes from the “Choose Their Fate” edition and not just the theatrical edition (also included).

I’m not sure there is a way around this since the scenes seem to be imbedded into the film files. Every now and then, just before a victim is scheduled to die, there is a slight freeze (obviously where the “Choose Their Fate” option would be). Then the film continues fine.

I have an advance, legitimate copy of the product, so don’t ask where I got it. I just thought I would bring this matter to the boards to head off any future problems.

FYI, AnyDVD and 1Click worked fine. Just major compression issues. :eek:

I don’t see how it could compress to 49% (51% compression) under any situation as a Dual Layer actually provides less than double the storage capacity of a single layer disk. A single layer disk has a storage capacity of 4.7 GB (4.7 Billion Bytes) which is 4.377 GiB. A Dual Layer disk has a capacity of 8.5 GB which is 7.916 GiB. Thus, maximum compression should be around 45% as a Single Layer has about about 55% of the capacity of a Dual Layer disk.

depending on the program you use audio may not be compressed causing the video to be compressed more. most transcoding programs leave audio as is then compress the video component to fit to disc.

Actually, it compressed at 49%, not leaving 49%. It left 51%. Still, that’s a lot. Not even “King Kong” compressed at that level. It must be the additional footage added for the numerous storyline options.

That’s a good point. I didn’t think about that.


Have you tried using a program other than 1Click? CloneDVD2 and DVDShrink both allow you to choose individual titles. I found a situation similar to the one you encountered with Finding Nemo Collector’s Edition [WS R1]. The movie is only 100 minutes long and actually fit onto a single layer DVD without any compression when the extras were removed, but it has about 30 minutes of video commentary which is inserted after certain chapters in the movie. CloneDVD2 gave me the option to choose the theatrical version and DVDShrink also included the additional titles as “Extras”.


Have you tried using a program other than 1Click? [QUOTE]

No, I’m sticking with 1Click. Never had a problem with the program, which I purchased with AnyDVD.

It seems most of the problems I read about in these forums are for programs other than 1Click. 1Click works perfect with AnyDVD, so why tempt fate?

I just wanted to give a head’s up that this title might present some problems. I’m fine with my backup, I just couldn’t believe how much compression it took.

BTW, I copy movie only, no titles, trailers, subtitles only on foreign language films. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in the next couple of weeks.

Well, the problem definitely isn’t being caused by AnyDVD. It’s due to the way 1Click is handling the DVD titles. It’s unable to seperate the main title (theatrical movie) from the extended scenes. AnyDVD just removes copy protection. It’s not responsible for ripping the movie.

Could we be dealing with Angle Titlesets here? They are not always labeled Angle Titles. That would account for the high compression rate needed. FD2 was full of interactive infinifilm and other interactive titles.

I have an advance, legitimate copy of the product, so don’t ask where I got it.
Discussions of this nature make me very wary as far a Swedish Law and protecting cdf are concerned.


Didn’t mean to cause any wary. I just didn’t want to have to go through the usual Q&A that goes on every time someone posts something about an advance DVD (where did you get it? It’s not out yet. Did you buy it?) I thought the information would help. Silly me. I get a lot of DVDs in advance, but instead of offering help I’ll just remain a passive reader. Sorry to cause concern.

Your input and observations are appreciated

why don’t we just wait till the dvd is released so that informed replies may be offered
at this point it is all speculation

I think we are jumping the gun here

Also whisperer is right
talk of pre release (review) copies is a no no
as it implies rental or critique copy purpose
and backup of both types of disks is a very serious no no
especially pre-release tiltle copying is very serious esp in USA

just be patient and people will be able to help you out at the right time

July 25th is the release date for this movie in the US, so it’s not even available to rent yet. As zaq stated, just wait until then to let more people get a chance to work with it and then see what happens.

Nah, nothin like that … don’t become a “passive reader”. You just don’t know the situation.

The Swedish legislature passed a law less than a year ago that a website can be raided, servers confiscated and be shut down for allowing discussions of piracy and other illicit discourse. We’re just protecting cdf.

No dis.


maybe we should all move to antigua

You’re closer than I am.

This movie has several angles.

This thread was made prematurely. Plus the fact an early release is questionable due to the fact it is 2+ weeks early(not likely). Reasonsnotrules works for a movie company if I remember right, and can agree an early release would be just a few days earlier. Plus since this is an early release so said how can we offer help when it isn’t in the general public yet. Next time there is an early release just hold off till the general release so the users can offer help.


But…I thought you liked a challenge?! :smiley: LOL!

hey just to clarify a bit. i used to work for a video store and MOST shipments came about a week ahead of time depending on the studio they came from. very rarely we’d get them 2 weeks ahead and just as rarely we’d get them within a day or two of release.

I’m not speaking ot the actual legitimacy of this thread, but in theory it could be legit…without a further explanation though I think we have to err on teh safe side.

whenever I mentioned pre-release discs I always prefaced it by saying I got it early from work and I only ripped things that I had copies of on hold for purchase (we weren’t allowed to actually ring them up until the release day otherwise we get fined BIG TIME)

maybe if the original poster was more open about the source the discussion would have been more open in general, but with the way the law has been these days and the very real possibility of getting CDF in trouble I think it’s best to hold off until release or within a few days thereof.

That’s one heck of a challange too considering I don’t have my copy of it yet. :bigsmile: