Final Cut Pro and the Lite on 5005

Hello all,
I just got the Lite On 5005 and hooked it up via DV in the front to my Final Cut Pro 4.5. I can’t seem to get a video/audio signal into the Lite On. The AV1 and AV2 inputs work fine. I tried various output settings on Final Cut, and didn’t find any settings that looked relevant on the Lite On setup options. Any ideas on if this can work?
Thanks in advance.

rbroma / Robert, I’m not familiar with the Final Cut. I have used the firewire input on My Sep '04 5005 from a camera and all went fine copying the home movies off it.

Perhaps I’m badly mistaken, but isn’t Final Cut Pro 4.5 an apple program for editing?

If this is correct then I can only see that you have connected the 5005 to a Mac.

If this is correct then it won’t work, the DV input on the liteon is purely for camcorder connection.

HelloShaun is correct on both counts. Final Cut Pro is an Apple program for editing. The 5005 DV link firewire port is only for compatible camcorders. Here is some text copied from Page 18 of the 5005 manual.

1.The DV-Link input jack on this unit is for use with DV compatible
camcorder only.

2.Only DV signals can be input to the DV-Link jack on this DVD
3.Do not connect a MICRO MV format video camcorder to this DVLink
(IEEE-1394) jack.
4.You cannot connect more than two pieces of video input sources
at a time to the front panel connector of this DVD-Recorder.

@HelloShaun and unwired - Nice going…no wonder I wasn’t familiar with Final Cut :bigsmile:

Thanks everyone. I did read that someone used the 5005 with Final Cut Pro thru the firewire out of the Mac and it was working for them, but can’t seem to find where I saw it. The program actually acts like a camcorder outputting video/audio, etc. thru the firewire. When I hook the firewire from my Mac to a Digital recorder via the firewire, the signal comes thru fine, so I thought it would work similarly. Maybe tech support on the LitOn side would know.
Again, thank you, and please let me know if you hear anything new about this.

@rbroma there was 1 post here on cdfreaks but the guy never came back. If Final Cut is only on the Mac then he was doing it. But he said all his customers complained the DVD’s would not play.

just found this here It’s a review of the 5005

Reviewed by: doccinema from IN on Jan 9, 2005 Rating:

Experience: 28 Days

Strengths: A wonderful piece of equipment. I have used it to make DVD’s from older VHS family tapes, copy tapes from Digital Camcorder and downloaded DVD from Final Cut Pro using firewire. All were great.

Weaknesses: Audio does not play while recording from firewire. Firewire is only input

Summary: Great equipment for the price. Product is very easy to use and Audio or Video is very easy to record. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a lower end DVD recorder non in a computer. Works well with all media.

Thanks again. I’ll browse around to see if I can get more info.
Have a great weekend!

You don’t have anything hooked up to the AV front input jacks when u try to use the firewire do you? It might be confusing the 5005.

It would be good to find out with certainty that it could be done (or not).

I was using a DVD Recorder Sony RDR-GX7. the Firewire worked perfect with Premiere Pro. i hooked up the computer to firewire and output from the recorder RCA to TV and the recorder converts in real time the signal. Of course works with the camcorders as well. now the downside of it was that was only outputing signal when i was doing an NTSC project because the RDR-GX7 is NTSC native. And now I’m getting to Lite-on Liteon LVW-5005. patience :slight_smile: I looked at this unit and i said RIGHT ON. Cheap, I can hack it to REGION FREE, firewire and supports PAL and NTSC !! Well, I have it right now in front of me and the front firewire of Lite-on Liteon LVW-5005 is working camcorders but not with the Premiere Pro. And now i’m searching the internet for a way to make the computer simulate that he is a camcorder, It must be a driver of somehow. Is clear that premiere sais when i conect Sony RDR-GX7 (online) and with Lite-on Liteon LVW-5005 (offline) hmm now i’m questioning myself if the 5005’s firewire is just analog of some kind; some kind of trick they find, cheap stuff. in the end what yoiu pay is what you get I think. ohhh and another important thing "with the sony gx7 it doesn’t work to capture DVD from FireWire, IEEE 1394, iLink as output.
main main isue was that i wanted to conect Adobe Premiere --(iLink)—> Liteon —(RCA A/V)----> TV to have a nice preview when editing.