Final cut pro 3



i recently bought final cut pro and would like a back up copy for myself when i travel which is a lot. would anyone know here what kind of protection is used. i have a powermac g4 1.25 ghz with a superdrive and an external superdrive. i have tried unsucessfully to copy it. remember this is only for my personal backup only. the copies i have made dont work becuase it keeps asking for the original cd. please if someone could help it would be very appreicated.

i have tried clonyxxl and achohol but am not getting anywhere with it. clony cant even detect the cd properly. keeps telling me there is no cd in the drive.

i have a pc as well. so i have tried the procedure on the mac and the pc.

any help would be appreicated.:slight_smile:


Most Mac software don’t come w/ protection. I recently backed up my copy of dreamweaver mx w/ clonecd using a lite-on 48x CDRW by selecting data mode.


final cut pro does. just try it. it errors out every time i try to copy it. but you are right most mac software doesnt come with protection.


As I asked in the double post thread, what CD writer are you using for the backup? Also, do a search here for copy protection for the site which tells you what protection most recent software use.