Final Blow to HD DVD? Netflix chooses Blu Ray



Looks like Netflix will phase out rentals of HD DVD movies sometime this year, and in the future, only stock Blu Ray for high definition movies.

Cue the end credits for HD DVD, cause the fat lady, she is a singing.

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I mostly rent especially old titles that I have watched a few times years ago. I was really expecting to get Matrix HD DVD from netflix but I guess it wont happen anymore, its been “Very Long Wait” forever and I heard if some of their HD DVD stocks are scratched, they wont replace with new ones. Now I’m not even sure if I can rent Beowulf, Bee Movie or I am Legend HD DVD due in a few weeks?

Sad news…


Yup, looking at canceling my membership since they definitely are taking payoffs from BDA for this. Only a couple of months ago they stated that they were renting HD-DVD at a rate of 2:1. I assume they will probably be jacking up their prices as well to go along with the remaining Blu-Ray trend.


I read that there are approximately 1 million Toshiba HD players sold in the north america. Assuming that a few percentage rent Netflix HD DVD movies, wouldn’t that money for them? Why do they need to stop HD? As long as there are demand from HD people its money from them? Maybe there’s not enough profit compare to 8 millions PS3 owners who some % rent netflix blu-rays?


Interesting how HD-DVD has been receiving these “final blows” for a couple years now.

Netflix has been cutting costs all over the place this past year, this is just another cost-cutting step. It’s ALWAYS about money. Wouldn’t be any surprise to learn that Sony was paying them off either. But they’ve been restricting member access to all new releases and buying fewer copies of popular titles as well. BD titles are hard to come by as well at Netflix, with very long wait times.

And let’s not forget that Blockbuster once said they would not have HD-DVD, and they changed their mind. This is just one more example of declining service at Netflix.


I really don’t think that this is a big deal. Only when you start to see major retailers choosing sides is when you will start to see something happen. A majority of the mass market are still content with their DvD’s. I believe that it’s going to take a little more time to settle this.

Really when it comes down to it the only difference between these two is that Blu-ray disc has a higher capacity of storage space.

HD-DVD has price as an overall advantage in all aspects, with a struggling U.S. economy you know where that goes. Blu-ray on the other hand has more work to do. The price is to high, has more ambiguous protection and we will have to wait a see the downside effects of those early adopters of Blu-ray where they spent $800 to $1000 plus for those players that will not upgrade so they can take advantage of the new features coming with version 2.0. I for one did not like Sony’s attitude on this, It was more or less too bad to sad.



I don’t use Nexflix or Blu-ray…Blu-ray players won’t upconvert my regular DVD’s…

Makes no sense to buy a Blu-ray player to me.