Filmware for Pacific Digital U-30182 ? 4X DVD Burner

Anyone have an ideal where I can find the filmware for a Pacific Digital U-30182 (4x Dual Format DVD Burner)?

Find out who the manufacturer of the drive is, then maybe you can use firmwares from them for their equivalent model. The drive may be an NEC or a BTC or even something else. Post more info about your drive and maybe we can help.

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Post more info about your drive and maybe we can help.

Pacific Digital Dual Format 4X DVD Burner

It shows up on my system as “Generic DVD Dual 4X MAX”, but it only appears to be able to burn at 2.4x speed. What the heck!

Dear sir, to update your firmware you can goto this website and download the
firmware update for the DD0201. You should also double check this in your
device manager to be sure that you have that same drive under dvd.cdrom

Website link:

PDC Tech Support

fyi. This is the filmware upgrade for a Pacific Digital U-30182-RV1.

This might be old news at this point. But Iomega has a nice page setup for this brand of drives and a tool to get your exact string.