Filmware Flashing Tool - Backup of filmware

I am trying to backup my Lite On 812S (flashed to 832S) filmware and have installed Filmware Flashing Tool v1.0.0. After checkiing “Backup” I need to select the file. Where do I find it? A simple question from a guy that has a lot to learn. Thanks and Have Fun. Ray

PS is this the same plave I flash mu OmniPatcher created file to ?

There really is no need to backup your firmware. You can get current and older firmwares from and unscrambled firmwares for the omnipatcher from code65536’s page. If you want to back up your EEPROM, go to the liteon forum and look in the tools sticky.

Here is what I did – In the “save to”- select the file to backup - I typed the name VS01 Backup, hit the button and it backed it up (apparently all that was needed was to insert a name). Thanks to btspm for the info. Ray