Filmmakers battle with Hollywood studios over 3D movies



Filmmakers battle with Hollywood studios over 3D movies.

[newsimage][/newsimage]It’s an age-old battle between creative forces and corporate heads: Executive leaders want more of what is bringing in revenue, but that might not necessarily be what is flowing through the creative minds. That’s what is happening in the American film industry now as filmmakers face off with Hollywood producers who want to cash in as much as they can on the current 3D movie trend.

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It’s no surprise that the studios want to make every single film into a 3D movie due to the extra profits, but when they’re screwing with the artistic integrity of the film, that’s just wrong IMO.


I think the price point of 3d could backfire as well. One ticket is getting near the price of buying a new movie on blu. Once the novelty wears off, all they’ll be left with are stupidly expensive ticket prices.


I am all for real 3D for movies that justify it, but JFC please stop these madmen from converting 2d movies to 3d after the fact. It is an utter disaster of a process and everyone who’s for it must be stopped at all costs.

It destroys films. Period.

Avatar was an amazing 3D experience because it was filmed in 3D and the
Clash of the Titans was a disaster because it was converted after the fact.

Lastly, don’t f*** with the Hobbit and make it 3D. Someone needs to stop these studios NOW !!!


To be honest, I haven’t seen any 3D movies yet. Okay fine, so years ago, I saw some “under the sea” stuff with those blue and red glasses. It’s not the same, though. I think the idea of 3D is really cool. However, it upsets me that the theaters charge more money on top of already expensive tickets.