Filmmachine quality vs. D2SRoBa



I normally use D2SRoBa to convert avi->dvd. But sometimes whenever I have a PAL avi, it is much easier for me to use the filmmachine because I don’t have to edit the AviSynth file and transcode the audio,etc etc. I still use CCE, and I set it to 5 passes. For some reason the quality doesn’t seem a great as when I use D2SRoBa with DVD2SVCD per ChickenMan’s tutorial. Anyone have any suggestions?


Why are you “edit the AviSynth file and transcode the audio” when the avi is not PAL ? Are you converting NTSC to PAL ? DVD2SVCD sould do this automatically for you if you tick the box.

I’ve never done a 5pass encode (well not in the last few years :slight_smile: ) to compare to a D2SRoba encode. But I’ve tested a 3 pass to Roba and couldnt tell the difference in final output, but I’m sure each each AVI will be different and give different results. The FilmMachine is great but D2SRoBa method is much quicker with better or equal results.


I was converting PAL->NTSC. It was the AVI files I was using I think. Everything is good now.
How many passes do you suggest for the filmMachine? Is there a difference between 3 or 5?>


Not in converting AVI to DVD, as far as I’m concerned. 5 pass is just a total waste of time and energy IMHO.


I’m convinced, the quality isn’t as good as D2SRoBa. I did a 4 pass and a 5 pass and the video isn’t as sharp as D2SRoBa (the pics are a bit noisy around the edges). Can’t figure out why this would happen with the same encoder (cce).


CCE is just an innocent worker, it does what its told to do. The RoBa method (OPV) encodes a different way than multipass VBR, so dont expect the same results using the same encoder. This have been well documented and commented on over at the doom9 DVD2SVCD forum, always worth a read.