Film to big to burn?

Hi all, i’m pretty much new to copying movies. I’ve been reading the other threads in this forum for the last 1.5hrs and everybody seems to have different points of view of which is the best combination software/hardware to use, i find it very confusing.

I have a sony dvd-rw, dvd-shrink and nero6. How can i burn a 700mb+ movie on to a single disk?, each time i try it says the file is to big to fit on the disk. The disks i’m using are philips 120min, 4.7Gb dvd+rw. Surely there must be a way of compressing the movie and still allow it play on tv’s dvd player.


Many thanks

what is the file size you are trying to burn ? what extension does it have ?

the file is 734mb and the extension is “.avi”

ok, well, a 734mb avi ain’t gonna fit on a 700mb cd. or do you want to recode it so that you can burn it to a dvd and watch it on dvd ? if so you’ll need this guide

what? i think he said he is using dvds in the first place. so i guess he just didnt put his burning software in dvd mode, what software are you using to burn?

ben :slight_smile:

i’ve tried using nero6 and sonic mydvd and both say that an 700mb+ “.avi” film will not fit on a 4.7Gb 120min disk. Surely 0.7Gb will fit on a 4.7 Gb dvd disk. There must be a way. Even a full mpg movie will not fit. Why do I have to burn it on to 2 disks??, if I need to compress, what software do i use?.
I use P2P software to get the movies so if the full movie is there in one download, why can’t i download it and only use only one dvd disk???, if u can’t, why do these movies be available to share if you can’t put them dvd disk to view on my own entertainment system.

Someone must know the answer???
Thanks for your replies and look forward to my puzzling question

many thanks, I printed out your guide.
I’ve downloaded all the stuff and set all the settings and I am currently running everything as per your tuturial. Hope it works, if it does it will save me a lot of money buying 2 dvd disks for each *.avi movie i have.
I will let you know how I get on.