Film Review: War of the Worlds

Spoliers ahead!!!

I thought it was WAY cool, especially the effects. Man it was creepy and realistic.

What did Tom Cruise yell to the soldiers at the end? Something about birds? Was it West Nile Virus or some kind of avian flu that killed the aliens? I bet it was and Spielberg had to reshoot the scene to cover it up, and then tacking on a Morgan Freeman voiceover at the beginning and end to explain the alien deaths.

Now for some iron-clad deductive logic:

First, why would Spielberg specifically kill the aliens with bird flu? Answer: to evoke a paranoia effect on the public just like the original War of the Worlds did in the 30s (or whenever that was). Follow the logic: certainly we are all cognizant of the public news’ penchant for unnecessarily scaring the listeners for stories about killer diseases for ratings. Spielberg and co. would naturally expect the sensationalistic news to sieze the killer avian flu story (that has indeed been reported on before) and run with it during the release of such a large profile movie and voila! Public paranoia! You just KNOW that tactic was on the drawing table when they redid the movie, i.e. how could we replicate the public paranoia the original did? I got it-avian flu scare!

Second why cover it up with a re-edit to where Cruise’s words are drowned out and to add the Morgan Freeman voiceover? They punked out! It’s irresponsible to deliberately evoke public paranoia. Furthermore, the computer graphics intro and outro were added after the re-edit to accompany Morgan Freeman’s voicover. I mean, didn’t the voicover seem unnecessary, like it was clumsily tacked on? Zingo!

That’s called lateral thinking people and I am ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!

More conspiracy to come…

Nobody in my theather thought about bird-flu (I am a mindreader, yes I am) and no paranoia caused the audience to panic. And bird-flu was never pointed out, as the voiceover in the end states that mankind has earned its right to the planet by a billion deaths. It was simply any disease, which we by now have become relatively immune to.

As for the movie I think it was quite good. If it wasnt for Dakota Fanning I’d loved it. Macculay Culkin, I FORGIVE YOU! Fanning is way more obnoxious, annoying and overplays like crazy. Also she has even less facial expressions than old Culkin, and thats quite something. No no go away evil child of screeching noises and poor acting!

Of course I have not read the book but I sure have seen those tripods in a certain videogame… I wont guess at who ripped off whom though… :smiley:

“They’re not from around here.”
“You mean they’re, like, from Europe?”

He was pointing out that the birds could land on the tripod - hence the force field must have been down…

I don’t know, I thought it was pretty weak. Cruise is a scientologist nut job and that ending sealed it for me, the son making it to Boston… how Hollywood.

Oh right. Well there goes my theory…but why was Cruises voice drowned out? Dramatic effect?

I saw the movie last week as well. I really did enjoy all the audiovisual effects. That was just great.

The story wasn’t that good though… too much drama, a lot of small mistakes, lots of unexplained or unused stuff and a horrible end (way too fast).

Overall… a real nice movie to watch in a cinema with a big screen and a good audio set.

Would’ve been awesome to have the ending of Indepence Day where they infect the alien ships with a computer virus to drop their shields and then blast them to hell!! :bigsmile:

I don’t blame Dakota for that vulgar overacting: I think Spielberg always WAY makes his actors go OVER THE TOP. Spielberg has always been accused of crass exploitation of sentimentality instead of being able to evince true emotion. Think of that “concentration camp survivor” character in Minorty report when she was all trumatized and really hamming it up-also think of that screaming girl in Jurrassic Park-Too mas. Spielberg is a crude manipulator and a propagandist. But I will admit a few of his are very entertaining. My favorite would have to be Raiders 1 or Jowls.

Bird Flu?

Cruise’s voice wasn’t muted… not in the theater I went to.

He yelled “the birds - look at the birds! There’s no shield!”

I agree that if one overlooks the OBVIOUS technical problems with the movie (EMP’s that selectively knock out MOST electronics but not some camcorders and the car Cruise wants to steal), as well as Dakota Fanning’s “I WILL SCREAM FOR TWO SOLID HOURS” acting… it was a fun ride.

Yes it was muted-rememeber not even the guard could hear him-he was like all huh? what? I can’t hear you? As was I.


Ok I watched this movie today and it was great entertainment. I did find some scenes way to similar to half Life 2 though. Especially when the tripods pop out from behind huge buildings.

Whats up with the actual Aliens themselves? The one at the end looked exactly like that one from Farscape who controls the ship Moya. Oh, and how come their shields went down? Someone explain that one to me?

Lastly, Why they bury the tripods millions of years ago? Why not take over the planet then rather than wait all that time?

Hmm yes… indeed, they looked like captain of Moya :).

Why the shields went down? Because they fell ill. Now go wonder where the author of “Signs” got that idea…

Why they waited? Hmm don’t remember anymore (I read the book over 10 years ago). Maybe it was because they needed time to travel to earth? As they entered their tripods through the lightning…

ok I went this weekend…
i must admit at the beginning when the Eletromatic Pulses…killed all the cars and lights…i thought it was funny that TWO camera’s worked come on now…and then there was just the ONE van that got fixed…but after the first part of the movie…i just sat there and stared into number’s eyes…at least that was more romantic…i watched the movie in bits and pieces…it had some good effects and then it had some rather cheesey ones too…i jumped a few times…that theather had those seats that move and stuff…when it rumbled real loud…but…i’d go see it again if anyone asked me to…

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Um … I doubt it took them 10Million years to travel between mars & earth, unless of course the driver was a bloody idiot male that refused to stop & ask directions after he hit the milky way …

“yeah, um you need to travel back the way you came about 130 million miles, then turn left and another 5 million miles, and then it’ll be there on your right :slight_smile: You might need to wait 6 months for it to get back to you, but you can’t miss it!”

But the point is, if you are evil, you want to look into your opponents eyes and get jollies out of the fact that he recognises that you’ve won. Once you get your joygasm, you can then have your cronies chop your opponent into itsy bitsy teeny weeny bits & everyones happy (the only person that would object this fact is the guy that is dead, and hence doesn’t have a valid opinion) :slight_smile:

Evil opponents don’t want to run around squishing cane toads! They crave an enemy with intelligence that can look upon them in awe!