Film Review: Mr And Mrs Smith

Film Review: Mr And Mrs Smith

Staring: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Synopsis: Two unhappily married people have a secret from each other. They are both assassins for rival organisations. So what will happen when they are assinged kill each other?

Thoughts: The film itself started slowly. The build up to the first action scene was just that bit to long. Luckily though I could just stare at Angelina to pass the time. The action scenes were good, although once again three and half million bullets were shot but the two main stars only suffered a slight graze to one arm.

I have to admit that I quite enjoyed the film. Granted there are one or two holes in the plot that just bugged the hell out of me but the story flowed and you could at times see the chemistry sparking between those two. Brad was once again being comical and once again I have to say it worked. You can’t but have a chuckle when he is swinging the two wrenches around after clobbering two guys with them. Angelina was being her pouty self and giving just enough to keep on watching. Your girlfriend can sit there wishing you were Brad and you can wish she was Angelina.

It’s not the best film I have ever seen but it certainly isn’t the worst.

Score: It’s two hour no brainier. 3/5

Post your thoughts below on the film.

I thought they had very good chemistry, which is what I was hoping to see after hearing Ebert go on about it. One part totally cracked me up: when Brad knocked her down behind the couch and starting kicking her in the stomach-oh my god-I sprayed popcorn 10 ft. I laughed so hard…

I had one question about something that happened, and this genre in particular…why are the ‘secret agent’ types always endowed with super quick reflexes, i.e, jane catching the bottle before it hit the ground? and why would this give her occupation away?

You see this in ‘Ronin’ too, and a couple other movies I’m sure…

It was like The War of the Roses but not as good. Maybe 2/5. :eek:

My first contribution in these forum!

I love the interviews in the beginning and at theend with the shrink / relation therapeut!

These gave the movie something original and special.

For me 3,5 out of 5.

You saw this movie four weeks ago?

Oh yeah- I love how halfway through the movie Kathleen Turner just for NO REASON AT ALL turns totally vicious and says: “I can’t stand your f**king face” (if memory serves). I gotta see that one again.

I am guessing that is aimed at me.

Yep. Thats what the date says. It wasn’t even opening weekend or anything either.

You are a lucky man to have these sources…

If I can learn anything then it might be a good idea to PM? :stuck_out_tongue:

No need for a PM. I will explain all here.

  1. Move to the UK
  2. Visit cinema

There we go. :slight_smile:

If you want an even speedier viewing then do the following,

  1. Move to the US
  2. Visit a multiplex


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