Film Review: HitchHikers Guide To The Galaxy



Film Review: HitchHikers Guide To The Galaxy

Staring: Martin Freeman (Bloke from “The Office” UK version), Mos Def, Zooey Deschanel, Stephen Fry, John Malkovich

Synopsis: Read the Book. :slight_smile:
Ummmmmm. A bloke with two heads steals a ship that can be anywhere or anything at anytime, picks up two people floating in space because their home plant, Earth, has just been blown up by some aliens making a bypass, who has just read some poetry to said people before having them blasted into space from the ship. Oh and one of these two is also an alien from a small plant near Bettlejuice who got stuck on Earth for a number of years while making some revisions to a book. There is also an android with a brain the size of a plant who is manically depressed. This is there adventure.

Thoughts: First came a drunken night in a field. Then came the radio show. Next came the book. After that came the TV show. Some time afterwards came the computer game. A bit of a wait later came the website. Finally we have the Hollywood film.

I was looking forward to this. I am a fan and have read the books a number of times, watched the TV show and listened to the radio series while driving to work. It didn’t disappoint. The style of the film echoed the TV show but brought it bang up to date. The sight of the Earth exploding to make way for a bypass is a chilling thought but it looks so good.

The film follows the book quite closely before taking a right turn and heading off into uncharted space. This was a surprise, as I was hoping to see the book in picture form really but I was pleased with the outcome.

If you know and love the book, radio show, TV show then you won’t be disappointed. It comes straight out of Douglas Adams brain and onto the screen. I didn’t look at my watch once while in the cinema which is a good sign for a movie. I was captivated by the screen. It all looked beautiful and was all there to try to show his vision.

All I can say is great. Roll on the un-announced sequel. The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe.

Score: Douglas Adams lives on. 4/5

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