Film enables cost-effective mass production of Blu-ray discs



I just posted the article Film enables cost-effective mass production of Blu-ray discs.

 According to this press release, Germany's  Degussa, specifically the film and coating division, has come up with  a new protective coating for Blu-ray discs. We already heard of Tough-coat from...
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Good and honest press-release. What I really was looking for is a phrase like “The manufacturing costs of the new layer is comparable of that of HD_DVD and in our lab tests it’s strength has proven to be equal to 0.6 mills of the rival”. Sorry for reading between the lines. Cheers.:X


Guess no more sleeves for me…


Maybe with all this scratch protection, consumers will see that some blanks are crap even without smudges and scratches. Hopefully then, manufacturers will be forced to up the quality, or those like TY will promote their own and make them easy to identify.