Film downlaod ok,how to gwt on disc?

Hi been all morning from 8am finally got what i want been spending hours on how i can burn it onto my dvd disc no luck what so ever,where am i going wrong anyhelp please,i have dvddcrypter,dvd shrink and nero but i can’t transfer/burn it.

Tried in realplayer and windowsmedia but nothing.I can play it on my pc but i want it on a disc :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

The Nero website has a search feature that can take you to their tutorials. Download the file and make sure you use good media.

are you trying to copy dvd Film which downloaded from the net Via filesharing right then no we can’t help Cdfreaks Doesn’t support this sort of thing if you Have the orginal DVD we can help you make a backup.

Could be a legitimate download too…don’t jump to conclusions so fast!

To the original poster, what type of file is it?
There are several tutorials on this site for converting compressed movies (divx) to DVD, you might want to check them out.

We will need to know what type of video file it is. If you don’t know for certain, download a free video utility called Gspot, then tell us, or you can attach an image of the results in Gspot in your post.

You can find Gspot here

the file is avi,if thats any help,i can play on the pc but burn it to disc???

Avi is the container. The actual codec used to produce it could be many different things, including divx, xvid, huffyuv, etc. Avi’s can usually be burned to disk as data files. If it is divx, many dvd players now support playback of such files (xvid too,).

If you want to convert the avi to dvd there are many, many different programs that can be used. One free one is SUPERβ€”
Another is the old version of VSO DIVXtoDVD found here

But most people use commercial products like the ones from Ulead, Pegasys, VSO and Nero.

Look through the guides over at There must be a few dozen on this subject using the various tools that are available.