Film beeps then freezes

I am using nero to encode?? a film ready for DVD. It goes through this process fine but when i watch the film back about 3 quarters of the way through there is a beeping noise and the picture freezes but the sound continues.
In the original file there is a beep noise but the film carries on playing fine?
Can anyone help me please???

What kind of equipment are you using to play the movie?

it does it with the vob file when i play it back on my computer. It also does it on the DVD player after burning to disc

Can be many possibilities and combinations… of cheap media, imcompatable media and burner/firmware.

Can you give us more details?

i dont really know what to tell you?? i have had no probs with the media i have been using, it has the G04 dye.
But it is before i even get to that stage as when i watch the vob file back on my computer the problem is still there.
So i presume it is a encoding error??

yup, try re-encoding and see if it solves your problem :slight_smile: