FileSystemContent Interface


I’m using NeroSDK for the first time (Windows 2000), using the IFileSystemDescContainer, and everything seemed to work out right, until I wanted to read what I had burned, but that wouldn’t do :sad:
I simulate, write and in the end verify, and Nero says everythings fine. As long as I only build a structure (using AddDirectory), I can open these later. But if there’s a file within a directory (added with AddFile), the explorer would say the whole damn thing’s fucked up (in other words, I think :smiley: ).
It doesn’t make any difference whether I finalize the cd or not.
It’s just a simple data-cd (iso_fs, use_joliet, write_file_system_content_media, media_cdr).
Does anyone have an idea? :bow:

Hi again,
forgotten to say I’m doing it in C++!