Does anyone know if when converting a vcd->DVD, if the filesize matters much in regards to quality and playability? I was thinking of converting my vcd’s to lets say 2.3 GB’s instead of 4.7 just to save time on the encoding.

size matters - sort of. see, it’s the bitrate you choose to use in the coverting app that will determine the final file/s size. higher bitrate = larger size = better quality

You don’t need to re-encode VCDs at all, 352x240 is a valid DVD resolution.

And cutting the bitrate won’t make re-encoding, if you insist on doing it, take any less time.

So then how do I make a VCD play as a DVD if I don’t encode it?

Well, I’ve heard lots of things about DVDlab accepting it and reencoding the audio for you (44.1kHz -> 48kHz), and I know SVCD2DVD has done the job for me in the past, or any authoring program should accept it if you reencode the audio yourself.