Filesharing polution: The next weapon of the RIAA?

I just posted the article Filesharing polution: The next weapon of the RIAA ?. has an intresting article on P2P networks that could shed a light on a possible strategy of the record industry to make filesharing a lot less attractive.

By poluting the network with…

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RIAA: ever heard of CRC ?

I’m not a lawyer, but isn’t there some kind of law that would protect companies from intentional acts of destruction from their competition?

Possible solutions, 1. Go to or another suitable site that gives you the duration of the song, match it to the file you are downloading. 2. Get your album rips off reputable groups on IRC.

Ooops, I forgot #3. If they are going to piss in our pool, so to speak, then we go to their places of business and start slashing tires and breaking car windows.

Yup hashing files will help make sure that the file you are getting is right. And we will start to get web pages that list the files by hash. Something similar to eDonkey2000.

This is a very intersting news story. I believe that Interscope has been using this tactic for some time now. About 2 months ago I D/Led the new No Doubt album Rock Steady. The song lengths were all correct but the songs were not complete. They looped a 30 second portion of each song over and over to produce the exact right track length. Of course I have not seen this problem in newsgroups just on the Kazaa network.

I downloaded “Without Me” off Kazaa before the album came out…the song was just the chorus repeating OVER and OVER again. And then I found the REAL file…FUCKERS!

Have had the same experience as rastascott, only with different songs. Found this so far with Eminem’s Without Me, Sheryl Crow’s Soak Up The Sun and Trust Company’s Downfall. Peculiar is indeed that the length of the mp3 is exactly right and that the loop is always around 30 seconds long. However, the songs are not just cut off after 30 secs, the mixing has been done well enough not to let you notice too easily that the mp3 is flawed. Maybe this is also meant to ensure that nobody deletes the file immediately and it will spread.

FB- Non violent solutions only… please

One possible solution would be, assuming unique client IDs, you’d just put a voting system in place that allowed a users to vote on whether or not it was a “good” file. These would appear at the top of the results list and files below a certain number of positive votes could be filtered as could files with a small number of negative votes. After all, co-operation is what P2P is about :slight_smile: Together with CRC values, it might work.

This would nearly be technically illegal. it would fall under the same things as Spam and also flooding lawqs that some states hold. This could actually backfire itf it was prooving that these companies are flooding and spaming peoples searching on file sharing networks.

How about everyone listens to the entire MP3 and then if its a fake delete it and and put some instructions in the comment part…? Afterall its all a small part from us and thats what P2P is afterall, a team effort…

Umm in other words download an album… its crap, wasted bandwidth (which some people pay for) put up a comnment in a file that DOESNT work and kee pothat file yourself? as you cant comment a file that isnt on your HD?!!

I think the newer filesharing networks are somewhat protected by this by the way they group together songs for multi-source downloading. Both KaZaA and WinMX 3 have a + sign when more than one person has a copy of that particular song. If you can see that 10 people have that particular copy of a song, it’s pretty likely it’s not a fake, as if it were, those people would have deleted it from their hard drives, and there wouldn’t be 10 people sharing it in the first place. It’s similar to the PageRank system Google uses to determine how good a page is, ie. how many other pages link to this page.

I’ve downloaded The Emimen Show fullly legit at for just a dollar! :slight_smile: But if you don’t want to pay at all, startfiles might be a good way to prevent you from downloading fake files. Info on startfiles can be found at I will get in touch with the webmaster, maybe he can put some startfiles online.

Is there anywhere you can download CUE sheet files for albums?

This is true… When I do a search for a song, I only begin to download the hits that have the most available users. Most people will delete these bogus files so they won’t turn in as many hits. I think the industry has been doing this for some time though they’ve ramped it up recently. I remember an epidemic of bad MP3s back in the Napster days. In the end, I think it’s just spite. They must know they can’t really stop us. I think they want to make it so unpleasant we’ll just open our wallets to avoid the hassle. I think they neglected to consider it’s harder to extort a mobile, amorphous public than it is a small start-up company with accountants and shareholders to answer to. I was boycotting RIAA already but this is war. Fuck you RIAA. At this point, I’ll settle for nothing less than your destruction. I won’t pay for music until the RIAA is GONE!

One word. WAR! I know this site isn’t much yet, but if you report fakes, I will get the on the site. I PROMISE!

Who gives shit, I’ve got ADSL and can download as many good or duff files as I like in a thrice… So we’ll let the loosers play the games they want to. By the way, I can’t even remember when I last bought a CD, they’re just too damn expensive. Wither way if the file is duff, just delete it and don’t share it. How many people download off a single person sharing a single file, not many I bet.