Filesharing does not influence music sales

I just posted the article Filesharing does not influence music sales.

Again we have an article about
filesharing and its impact on music sales. Shortly after reading about the
German music industry complaining about their sales decrease, we find a recent study…

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:frowning: Maybe it is time to stop shoving music down our throats… I can’t stand the direction the music has taken nowadays… it’s sad. Couple that sadness wil the basic lack of innovation, and the whiny “IT’S P2P” attitude the companys have and you get me… I download all that I listen to… Legally. has more than enough good music to keep my ears happy. And NONE of these artists are anything but artists who WANT to be heard… Mainstream artists could care less if their “heard”… so long as they are “paid” Sad fools they are…

Lacrymator… Im sorry but that complete bullshite. EVERYONE WANTS TO BE PAID. Some people are just willing to work for less; at the moment. Money moves the world. Most artists have wised up though and are seeking ways to cut out the middleman and make their own money instead of taking “grim’s” hand up from RCA,ect .

What the article fails to mention is that 99% of those that download anything for free (whether it be music, software, games, etc) won’t ever go out and buy it if they couldn’t download it anyway. So, where is the lost revenue? Its also pretty well known that the record companies are ripping off new artists. That’s why the music isn’t as good as it could be. I mean, why get into the music biz if the majority of the CD profits goto the label?
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I used to downlaod stuff check it out then buy the cd if I like it. Then Riaa started sueing everyone and so now I boycott and will continue. Sad since I own over 600 cds and was a big buyer in the past. The Riaa is evil and will never get my money again:(