Files too large to copy

converted avi files using cucusoft avi to dvd, tried to copy to dvd using nero express but the vob files of 5250mb are too large, also tried dvd shrink without any success, any help please

a single layer dvd is only 4.7gb.

you said shrink was unsuccessful? unsuccessful how? do you get an error message?

also, you said you have nero. If you have nero recode that should do the job as well, but there should be no reason why Shrink wouldn’t have worked

dvd shrink encounted an error cannot continue, failed to open c:cucusoft output\video ts \

Simple, as i understand you’d only like to burn the video files on a dvd, for example 2 ways burnin on a DL disc or convert it again with changes in your quality settings so that the output will fit on a single layer disc.

A late welcome bobjo. :slight_smile:

I don’t know that much about cucusoft apps, but when DVD Shrink fails to read VIDEO_TS.IFO file there must be something wrong in your convertion.
Check your DVD structure with IfoEdit.

More likely it’s only ~4.38GB, or ruff 4482MB (+R’s).
A calculator can come handy… :wink:

Can cucusoft’s program also setup the initial bitrate and quality settings? Perhaps you can convert the files again to get a slightly lesser quality, but 4.7Gigs instead of 5.2