Files Ready to be written to CD - XP

I have files ready to be written to XP and every time I try to write them, I get the XP dunk sound and nothing happens and the files don’t get written.

Why is this happening? Arggg.

Xp writting software is not too terrific. Try using nero or other program that came with your computer.

Thanks but what is happening that I use Quicken and Quicken allows me to choose the drive to backup to which is the Sony DW-Q30A. The files just sit there waiting to be written to CD. I want it like it was under Windows 2000 and it just wrote the files to the CD and that was that. What can I do?

Try disabling the built-in Windows CD writing function. Start -> Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> Administrative Tools -> Services -> IMAPI CD-burning COM service -> double click and set Startup type to “Disabled” + click OK and reboot your PC.

Did you do a clean install of XP or did you upgrade your existing Win 2000 system?