Files on CD have 'vanished'

I have copied 296mb of data to a CD using Prassi Primo & calling it session 1. Then I copied another 40 mb calling it session 2. Now I have copied another 178mb & called it session 3.
I can only see the last lot of files I copied. Win Explorer, My Computer, & the Prassi Primo prog. won’t see any of the earlier stuff. How can I get to see the files???

I know this is a dumb simple question but I’m a dumb simple guy. Please someone help put me out of my misery.

You will be able to access the previous sessions by using isobuster

:bigsmile: May your camels never suffer from flatulence :bigsmile:

                                  Worked a treat!

Many thanks.

Knowledge truly is power.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Stick around, and knowledge will make you powerful :wink:

…hehe…and don’t forget to import sessions for each write…Hemi you’re very good atm :wink:

Originally posted by FutureProof
…Hemi you’re very good atm :wink:
I know … the summer an’all … besides i m always nice :wink: