Files missing after burn

Hey all,

I spent hours scouring the forum, but couldn’t find anything related to my situation. I just finished burning off a bunch of files onto dvds in nero, but instead of starting a new project each time, I just deleted whatever was in the project window at the left, put the new files in, and hit burn. Now I’ve got a bunch of cds with a single track on them from the burn, but the files don’t register in explorer. Is there any way I can get the files off of these DVDs? I’ve tried ISO buster but that doesn’t work. Everything is on there, and the session is there when I check the “disc info” in Nero, but I just can’t get to the files.

If anyone can help me, I’ll consider naming my firstborn after them…


Welcome To CDFreaks Forum, Look for your file on C:\Docment & Setting\Userone\Temp folder iit should be there.