Files match but no play

I made a copy of a DVD and burned it as a DVD_ROM via bit setting in an attemp to have better compatibility but it won’t play. When I run Nero CD Speed test the disc scores 98%, I’ve used both a Ritek R02 and a TY02 as media and looking at the master disc and the copy the contents of the VIDEO_TS are the same.
Here is the whole story:
I burned a video to a Panasonic DVD burner from a camcorder tape. That is my master disc, it plays great in all of my set top players, it is -R format. I copied that folder to my HD and then used Nero burning rom to make a disc UDF/ISO, I use a template I downloaded and have been using it successfully on many burns.
burner: Benq1620
bitset to DVD-ROM
So I am confused that the disc would burn, verify, and test so well but not play in a set top player.
Where do I look to find what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.