Files larger than 4G

I had a funny experience with NeroLinux. I burnt a DVD with two files, one of them is just a couple of bytes, the other one was more than 4 GB. The burn was succesfull (according to Nero) and the verification was OK. But when I mounted the DVD, the big file was shown to be about 300 MB.

It took me a bit of time, a couple of web searches, and another unsucceful burn to figure out, that ISO9660 doesn’t support files larger than 4 GB. So I found my explanation, but I think Nero should at least warn you about this, instead of claiming that your burn went fine.

Otherwise I like the software, if I don’t find any flaws by the end of the evaluation period, I’ll buy it.

NeroLINUX normally warns you about that: you should get a yes/no dialog that ask you to switch to a pure UDF file system in order to bypass this 2 GB limitation.

Thanks for the reply. I’m pretty sure NeroLINUX didn’t warn me, so you may take this as a bug report. If it had warned me, I would have known. And anyway, what if you don’t switch to UDF, does it still burn the DVD? Because I think it shouldn’t, but I DID burn a DVD succefully.

My settings: ISO Options: Mode 1, Use Joilet extensions, do NOT allow more than 64 characters for Joliet names, do NOT use RockRidge Extensions. Version:


same issue here…It doesn´t warn you. But there is a workaround.
-drop your 4.xGB File into the window.
-check the screen with the pen. You´ll see that it is still ISO9660 mentioned.
-drop now a 2nd big file. Now there will be a mesage asking you to switch to UDF.
-do it.
-remove the 2nd big file and burn it.

thats not perfect, but it works.

You can also DnD the UDF file system in the track editor. This will replace the ISO and let you butn correctly files larger that 4GB


sorry no idea what you mean.
Where can I throw the UDF File System in? And How?

It’s quite simple:

Check the left area with your filesystem visible (My Computer). Scroll down to the bottom, theres a “Filesystems” entry. Click on it and check out the right part of NeroLinux GUI. There you can drag and drop the UDF in the track editor below.

aah there it is.
never scrolled down so far, cause its quite rare that I burn something from /var


But I hope you guys at Nero do agree with me that not warning the user is a bug (though not very serious), so it should be fixed.