Files larger than 4 GB



If it is possible to burn an individual file larger than 4 GB, say for instance a file that is 6 GB to an 8.5 GB dual layer disk on a dual layer drive? I know I can put a lot of individual files on the disk but from what I am seeing other places just 1 file over 4 GB you can’t burn.


in Nero I believe the UDF option is able to do it.


Thanks for the reply xtacydima.


let us know if it worked :wink:


I may have to get Nero to find out, don’t have it at this time. But if I find an answer pretty soon I will post it.


Generally, 4GB file is a limitation to Iso9660 and Joliet file systems, so larger files should work in UDF file system recording on other software as well.


Thanks kikibug thats what I am hearing from most.