Files from 2 discs onto 1?

Hi all, I recently backed up my copy of “Goodfellas”. It’s a 2 disc set. But, each disc only contains just slightly over 1 hour on each. How can I put both discs onto 1 using Clone DVD2? When I tried to write the files to the hard drive for the 2nd disc, it warned me that it would overwrite the files from the 1st disc! HELP!!! :confused:
The same can be suggested about making compilation DVDs…any thoughts?

simple…clonedvd cannot do this (although its definitely on my wishlist for an update)

i recommend creating a dvd compilation using dvd shrink if you don’t care about the menus. if menus are an issue, I’m not sure where to direct you. I’ve been working all night, and it’s late, and my head isn’t working…all i know is that clonedvd can’t do what you’re looking for and dvd shrink can but without menus. maybe someone a little more sober can jump in and recommend something that will work while preserving menus…

i’m going to read this post in teh morning and laugh at my incoherent babbling i’m sure.

Use this program

DVDRemake - You can combine 2 DVDs into 1 very nicely, and even preserve the full menus from both DVDs with an initial menu asking you which DVD to view. Excellent program and does the job nicely :slight_smile:

that’s the one i was trying to remember!!

apparently a few too many drinks after work kills my memory though haha

I’ve just gotten DVDRemake. But it seems a little intimidating…that is…I HAVE NO CLUE HOW THE HELL TO DO IT LOL! I keep getting errors telling me I can’t do this or that, or it can’t find this file…etc. Any suggestions? And thanks for the reply by the way! :slight_smile:

Are you talking about merging DVDs? Should be fairly straightforward. Here is step by step guide: