Files extracted with DVDShrink will not copy to disc

I have just started trying to copy dvd’s and am having loads of problems.

I am using DVD shrink to copy fils to my hard drive (no problems here)

but then I can’t get them to copy to disc.

I have tried using nero to create a video dvd this takes 30-40 min tells me it has completed SUCC but when i try to play disc it either says no disc or more offten DATA FILE? (back of disc looks like only a fith of it has been written to hope this makes sense)

also if i try to copy disc -disc on the fly it fails alltogether

I use XP and was told to remove SP2 but this made no difference

any suggestions welcome


I use DVD shrink to rip and DVD Decrypter to write the files, used nero as well but i perfer Decrypter, the interface is less pretty but more functional and it works very well with shrink (shrink lets you automatically use decryptor to burn with)

thanks, I’ll give that a go kazaa here i come.

Ok 1 copy of DVD Decryper downloading, any other suggestions.

Is this looking like a software problem to you guys then?

Have a look here once you’ve downloaded it (you don’t need kazza, it’s freeware i think)

all the guides etc for it.

looks good but a few probs,

Then under the “File I/O” tab un-tick “Enable burning with Nero” then click “OK”

this is not available on my copy of shrink?

Take just a second and under “Target Device” go to "Select backup target " once there, select “ISO Image File and burn with DVD Decrypter”. Now, under "Quality Settings, “tick” “Compress video with high quality adaptive error compensation” there you may adjust quality enhancements. Practicing with the settings can produce even better end products. For a no-frills DVD’s like “There’s something about Mary” I like Extra Smooth BUT for DVD’s with a lot of special effects, I use the Extra Sharp setting.

none of this is on my shrink either?

What version of shrink are you using , the latest is

3.0 beta5??

It’s there on mine (, under preferences obviously.

ok, have new version of shrink, followed all instruction and it looked like it was working, shrink copied to computer, decrypter auto started and said it completed succ.

but same outcome when i try to play dvd it says no disc and back of disc looks like ony bout a fith has been written on??.

Any more advise is VERY WELCOME

This is the point where i let people who know what they are doing take over, good luck.

lol thanks for the help

If you are burning an image from your HD, the image could be corrupted. Try loading the image to your HD again, and then run Shrink/DECRYPTER and see what happens.

I m trying that now, also trying with a different type of disc just in case.

Thanks, fingers crossed.

didn’t work again, one thing i noiced is that when it is writting the film to dvd it is only taking about 15min, i thought from previous attempts that it should take 30-45min, is this relevant??

thanks again for all advise/help.

There are many variables, but on my system, it takes about 10 to 20 minutes to rip the image to the harddrive (it also encodes it), and about 8 minutes for dvdcrypter to actually burn the image. There have been instances where people have had bad copies of software. I would try uninstalling Shrink and Decrypter, and downloading them from sources that are listed in this forum.

just got it working using an old disc i found,

looks like to 100 i recently bought are duffers, doh.

will this be that the disc are duff or just not compatable with my setup? both/either.

also how do i check what disc will work for me as the one i used is a RW and a bit pricey to buy loads.


What burner are you using?

A big thanks 2 everyone, I have it working fine now with the settup suggested. my disc don’t appear to commpatable with my samsung drive so they’ll have 2 go back on e bay. have just bought sum phillips +RW, 25 for £13 so not 2 bad (and they work).