Files corrupt nero

i am new to this forum …and i want some help .
i downloaded nero63125 form but whenever i tried to install it it showed CRC error unable to extract … file : … file is corrupt.
i thought download was faulty… i tried to download from various other mirror servers and in different ways like closing antivirus softwares ,firewalls … but nothing helped … .can any one tell me why this is happening and what to do to fix the installation files.i am on modem so i can’t keep on downloading several times.

Hey, I had the exact same problem. going from the nero website you download from

I did a manual ftp to and got a copy. But that one told me my installer was corrupt.

I gave up. decided to wait a couple of weeks for someone to fix it. Thought the problem was related to a marginal 256meg simm in my pc. But since you also got it, must be something wrong with the files on the site.