Files burned onto on CD-RW disappear - not CD-R ?!

Hello all,

When I write data files to a CD-R on my windows 98 machine they are visible and accessible on that machine and also on my XP machine with a SONY 800A CD/DVD-RW.


When I write the same files on the W98 machine to a CD-RW the other machines are all still okay but my XP machine with my new SONY shows no files on the CD-RW.

This does NOT happen on my other XP machines with different CD/DVD-RW drives.

Oddly, the SONY seems to be reporting that something is on the CD-RW. Windows explorer indicates a lowered capacity for the “empty device”. E.g. if I write 400MB of files to the 700MB CD-RW the XP windows explorer now shows it as a 300MB drive with 300MB free - but no file(s) ?


thanks very much for your thoughts


Software: I have tried writing the files on the W98 machine with both NERO and Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD. The SONY drive is on an XP machine.

HW: The W98 machine is writing with a newish Samsung CD-RW.

Data: The data I am trying to write writing is a large (400MB+) WAV file. The same problem occurs, though, when I test with smaller files. I am NOT writing in an audio CD format - just a data disk.