Filename Too Long Error/Alternative Burning Softwares?

Hello! I have a question regarding the “filename too long” error in Roxio Essential 8. I was wondering what are some good alternative burning softwares that allow more characters? Due to the “filename too long” error in Roxio I am unable to burn my disk; bummer… Help from anyone is greatly appreciated!

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I use ImgBurn and I have no problems in burning long file names :slight_smile:

Thanks Geno!!! Two more questions though… I primarily will be using it for mp3’s… Will this software burn mp3 files? The reason I even ask such a question is because on the Imageburn site they refer mostly to image files. When they say “image files” are they speaking of pictures, etc. OR something entirely different? Sorry for the trouble!

@ thunderstruck969,

Suggest visiting the IMGBurn Support Forum ( and under the “Guides” Forum there are informative guides and a couple of guides focused on Burning MP3 audio files.


ImgBurn is able to burn also files directly from any folder, it doesn’t require anymore the creation of an ISo file first.

Latest version (released recently) is also able to burn mp3 files and to convert mp3 into audio CDs :slight_smile:

You may use Long Path Tool to copy or delete your file. It really works well in this situation. For more info you may read at PathTooDeep.