fileName problem



My multisession code have a problem:
I obtain a pointer to NERO_ISO_ITEM from NeroImportDataTrack() function.
Then I use “MessageBox() fuction” to display the fileName,but some fileNames are not the same as the name I directly open them.
Beause of this,I will burn wrongs directoy in the disc if I ignore the problem.
Help me!
I don’t live in English-speaking country,so the problem is more difficult to me!
the code:

NERO_ISO_ITEM	*m_PreItem = NeroImportDataTrack(

			m_PreItem = m_PreItem->subDirFirstItem;
			while(m_PreItem != NULL)
				m_PreItem = m_PreItem->nextItem;

(code end)

Additionally,I saw that somebody said this is a bug of NERO,and we should
OemToChar()fuction to translate.if so,anyone can tell me how to use this is function?
A sample is best.
Thank you!


‘fileName’ is deprecated, You will have to use ‘longFileName’ instead. If this does not solve your problem please explain what is exactly the difference in the file names you receive.


thanks for your reply,czykit.
I know “fileName” isdeprecated.
But when I use “longFileName”,the “longFileName” is always “NULL”.
The directory-name in the disc : “晏东”(chinese charactors)
the “fileName” Import from NeroImportDataTrack() function : "fCON "

Then Merge the track.
when I burn the new directory which has the same name of “晏东”,the “fCON” will be burned in the disc.In fact,I want to rewrite the directory.