Filename (length) renaming in Nero vs Easy CD




I'm wondering if Nero provides any way to manually control how a LONG filename is changed/truncated/altered, other than just clicking "OK" to the warning dialogue (telling the user that "The following files were renamed").

Easy CD Creator 5.x lets you see each suggested new (shorter)name, one at a time, and permits you to edit the filename yourself. This helps keep the filenames "pretty". :slight_smile:

Nero is new to me, so maybe I'm missing something, but I definitely don't see such a feature anywhere.

Any suggestions? This sole omission could be a deal-breaker toward my use of Nero as my primary burning software, because in a compilation of 250 files, it requires too much time to visit each file and rename it manually at the source. At least Easy CD's approach makes the process quick and painless.


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Originally posted by Oz.
The files in question, are they part of a particular group of files, or do they come from varous sources?


A: Various sources, but the reason they are long at all is due to their nature. Most are driver files for specific hardware, and I like to have a descriptive naming scheme. Here’s a made-up example:

Lucent 56K Modem 642HS & 70xHS Internal [sn] (DW9N2MeX).zip

Which shows manufacturer, model, type, serial included, and operating system(s), then file type. And all such files are at least one subdirectory ‘deep’ off the root directory of the CD compilation.

Obviously, Windows’ long filename feature greatly exceeds even the most ‘relaxed’ filename limitations of CD filing systems.

Again, this isn’t a huge problem, but merely one that I think Easy CD handled more gracefully by offering the user a chance to tighten up each filename one at a time, rather than merely reporting (as Nero does) “Hey, these 12 files need to be shortened, so click OK and I’ll chop 'em for ya.” :slight_smile:

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